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Pool Designtypically includes one or more of the following:

  • Conceptualization and design
  • Feasibility study
  • Development and technical study
  • Structure and landscape integration
  • 3D design integration into existing surroundings
  • Construction budgetting
  • Supervision and construction management
  • Customer care

Swimming Pool Design & ConstructionResidential or commercial

The pool is always a very special place within the garden, the quintessential recreational and social space. As exterior designers, we take special care and truly dedicate ourselves in creating and conceiving these aquatic and exclusive spaces where reigns an atmosphere of peace and relaxation.

Swimming pool sketches and designs

To achieve peaceful and harmonious spaces, one must have a heightened sense of proportions and aesthetics with a solid background in the latest construction techniques. For centuries water features have sparked the imagination of the greatest landscapers in history. Techniques have since evolved in such a way that now we can mix light, music and water and create magical, soothing aquatic shows.


Very aware of the latest techniques and materials, Elaia Ibiza can advise you in the various processes of conception, design and construction of your swimming pool, pond, waterfall or other water feature. During the construction phase, our extensive experience allows us to advise you in all phases of construction:

Residential pergola and garden
  • Grading and excavation (in difficult places and private land)
  • Works: reinforced concrete, walls, slabs, retaining walls, etc...
  • Finishes: plaster, cladding (tiles, mosaic, stone), solid stone or even artificial rocks
  • Hydraulics: pumps and filtration systems, piping network and water treatment
  • Lighting: traditional or LED
  • Accessories: covers, automatic shutters, staircases, heating, equipment rooms, vents
  • Special techniques: overflows, mirrors (infinity pool), glass walls, channeling

Pools are a crucial element of any garden or exterior space. They require proper analysis and preliminary studies because their integration into the landscape is the key to success in reaching balance and harmony.

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