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Commercial landscape designCommercial landscape design, garden projects and exterior architecture

Elaia offers commercial services related to exterior architecture and landscape design and planning to clients including beach clubs, hotels and public facilities and gardens.

Commercial landscape design sketches

Elaia Ibiza counts with more than 35 years of experience in the sector of the design of landscape as fruit of our built projects, throughout these years, on various places of the planet, experimenting new technologies and skills and observing our gardens to grow and prosper.

Commercial entranceThroughout years of experience, we have learned a lot on a multitude of particular cases that allows us to solve thousands of technical details on the conception and design level and also in the very realistic cases of construction of structures, thematic and public swimming pools and landscape facilities. We firmly believe in a few keys elements to get the best results in our field: proper design, creativity, imagination, planning, organization, viability and exclusivity.

Elaia Ibiza and our exclusive garden design for exterior commercial or residential spaces, will always bear in mind the needs and requirements of the property owner by carefully analyzing all project factors such as land, space ocupation, project feasibility, future possible developments, etc… It is our goal to think ahead and to do our best in an attempt to cover all of our clients' future needs.

Spatial design and botanical selection

In commercial or residential landscape projects, the botanical choice is a key element of the final result. Elaia Ibiza will contribute greatly thanks to its extensive botanical experience in the field of garden design.

Mastering all the phases of project creation and developement of lansdscape projects, being well trained and very methodical in the art of landscape desing, Elaia Ibiza will elaborate exclusive landscape projects, combining our experience with: specific criteria of urban construction, construction standars and regulation and our clients' wishes and requirements.

Having dealt with a great deal of challenges over the years, have taught us how to anticipate and solve problems. This multi-facetted experience allows us to find the best solution in order to achieve our client’s dreams. Our team is highly qualified to respond to numerous types of projects from hotels to beach clubs, restaurants and all other types of exterior public architecture.

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