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About Elaia Ibiza
Over 50 years of landscape and design experience
Eric Montcerisier

Eric was born in Marseille (south of France) but spent his early career years in Africa, involved in his very first landscaping projects. He has since spent over 30 years involved with landscaping and outdoor design, having lived and designed projects in many of the globe's most distinct places: Miami, Florida, the French and Italian Riviera (from St. Tropez to the magically beautiful Italian coastline), on Spain's Mediterranean coastline, Cuba and the Ivory Coast.

The diversity of cultures and geology have served as both inspiration and experience for each of the different projects that he has realized in accordance and to the particular tastes of each client.

Landscaping and design are his passion which translates to projects that develop into art. For Eric it is of utmost importance to always listen and learn from others. He speaks 3 languages and, well accustomed to diversity, adapts easily and enjoys contact with people; this has allowed him to understand what a client wants and empathize with the necessities required by each new project.

His path and experience have led him to team up with his current Elaia Ibiza team, always looking to strengthen his own skills and seek complementary ones.

Juan Pablo Lihn

Juan Pablo defines himself as a citizen of the world though Chilean by birth. Son of a well-off family, since very early on he was exposed to the world of interior design with some of the best known antiquaries in the company of his mother. She has always been passionate about antique furniture and rugs, always searching for unique and valuable pieces.

Having inherited such taste for aesthetics and elegance, coupled with his own creativity, has led him to the world of interior design, with a sensitivity to the natural surroundings of his home country.

Years later and after following his passion for travels, Juan Pablo first came to Ibiza in 2002. It wasn't yet a permanent move as his curiosity to see and learn have resulted in extended periods of time in different countries and cultures. These travels and explorations have amplified his aesthetic vision that nowadays allows him to be keenly aware of and apply different details to the design of every project.

After many years dedicated to the world of interior design and decoration, and having been involved in styling jobs for magazines, Juan Pablo has decided to further his studies and dedicate himself entirely to his true passion: spatial design.